Labor Services

(IT) Technician

  • Deployment / trouble shooting computers, printers, laptops and copiers

  • Technicians are familiar with the AV connections to computers

(AV) Technician

  • General Sessions, Breakout Rooms, Concerts, Events and Tradeshow Setups Indoor or Outdoor

  • Recording

  • Analog Console Operation

  • RF Programing / Troubleshooting

  • Projection Experience

  • Graphics Operation / Editing Experience

  • Audio and Video Switch Operation

  • Setup, Strike, Loading, Unloading and Cable Management

Lighting/Rigging engineer

  • Experienced with Lighting Consoles

  • Understanding of Electricity Limits

  • Professional Rigging Team Can Hang Anything Needed For an Event


  • Image blending and warping

  • Image mapping

breakout technician

  • Show site management of multiple breakouts for the duration of the show

  • Advanced General AV skills

  • LCD Projectors

  • RF Programming

  • Analog Console Experience

SPOTLIGHT operator

  • Live show operation of follow-spot

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of Lighting equipment

technical director

  • A1/V1/L1 Experience

  • Collaborate with producers in preparation of rundowns and coordination of video and graphics

  • Switcher operation in real-time show environments

  • Coordinate with camera ops and shader to ensure presentation meets client expectation

Camera operator

  • Camera operators are responsible for capturing and recording all aspects of a scene for film or television. They use principles of lighting, staging, focusing and filtering to achieve a specific visual look for broadcast television or motion pictures. They work with a team of other film professionals to capture the ideas and vision of the project’s director

project manager

  • Plan/Execute Show From “Script to Screen”

  • Primary Client Contact Person

  • Coordinate labor, equipment and client production schedule

Graphics operator/editor

  • PowerPoint/Keynote authoring

  • Program/Deck management

  • Windows/OSX proficiency

  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Excel and Word

  • Editing of existing presentations and templates to convey client message


  • National Electric Code (NEC) compliance

  • Field installation expert

  • Branch circuit knowledge/proficiency

LED/Video Wall Technician

  • Program and Map any size wall

  • General Session, Expo Hall, Registration, Permanent Install, Etc.. setup and onsite technician

Interpreter / Sign Language Services

  • Interpreters facilitate communication between parties who speak two different languages. They do this by interpreting, translating and re-communicating both verbal and written messages from one language into another. This includes both spoken languages and sign languages.

IR/ RF/ WIFI Audio System Technician

  • RF, IR, WIFI audio systems- technicians used generally for interpreters, silent theatres, Push-to-talk, silent disco, and walking tour guides

Drone Operator

  • Drone Operator is licensed with the FAA (Remote Pilot Certificate)

warehouse labor

  • Warehouse/Pre-production- Assists in QC and pre-production process of imaging, packaging and 6S of show or any other tasks related to the warehouse Managers see fit

Scissor lift operator

  • Certified operator

  • Assists audio, video, lighting and IT team to ensure safe deployment, trouble shooting and collection of gear

Forklift operator

  • Certified operator

  • Monitoring production environment to ensure client needs are met

  • Safely managing inbound/outbound freight

*Please note that some services are currently only available in Las Vegas.